Thursday, 2 May 2013

BEBELAN METAL versi RIP Jeff Hanneman (sedih)

Jeff Hanneman 1964 -2013

This is truly a shocking news for me, heck, my brain still digesting this news. Now Slayer will be like Megadeth, with only 2 original members. Hahaha. My personal opinion, all the best slayer songs were Jeff. I mean Kerry is ok but sometimes can be a bit to straight, simple, predictable etc. Even Mustaine himself admit that Jeff is better at guitar solo than Kerry . Dunno what else to say . . . a great riff meister, he's sure gonna be missed a lot by the metal world. Angelll Off Deaattthhhhh ! ! !


  1. Auschwitz, the meaning of pain!

  2. yang mamat exodus tu ok, dia atas stage alrite la pada aku, cuma tak tahu la dorang nak pakai dia punye lagu ke tak untuk studio albums...

  3. yup.mmg gary ada skills, kalo slayer boleh guna dgn baik skills dia tuh mmg awesome lah.