Monday, 23 January 2017

HELLO 2017

It seems that the greatest metalband on the planet once again played near our shore for the third time. I do feel a bit of a regret of not going to Singapore to see them live. Just a little bit of bitter painful sour taste of regret. But hey, responsibility first, right ?

But when i compared the setlist of the two shows i went in 2013 versus the recent show next door, i guess the old setlist is way better to my ears (Ride The Lightning, Orion, The Shortest Straw,And Justice For All, Blackened, Creeping Death etc). With the new album, ermm  i still havent digest it throughly enough, Kirks solo definitely can be better, theres 1 or 2 songs thats cringe worthy,at least to me. The fact that  ol' Lars gettin' under the par with the fast double bass parts (according to official and unofficial live video on youtube) also reducing my interest to go.

But if they somehow decided to eventually play in KL, heck, I'll definitely go...if, i got extra dough, of course.


Happy New Year . A kind of mellow beginning for me.


  1. sabarlah~
    talika skip KL
    maiden pun skip s'pore

    yg penting dah experienced selamat thank you 2013

    1. hhmmm. betul tu *sambil merenung ke luar jendela bayu bertiup lembut*

  2. Replies
    1. yeah.aku pon.ada ura ura Pak Mus mahu cuba bermain di Malaysia.harap lepas.

  3. Lama menghilang bro.welkam bek

    1. Hilang ditelan arus penat dunia.inshaallah tahun ni seperti dulu kembali. Hehe